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Hey lets get this little journal thingy going.

Cheers to sar going downhill. Everyone is getting off with things way to easly, and that training and stuff like that just kinda is getting that way as well.
I vote that brad becomes training advisor again, and josh can just be the blue spanking monkey that sits around and laughs and has no say in anything.
Either way, as long as brad is training advisor again, he was fun, and we worked for him.

For this sar outing that were doing for fun, im kinda iffy about really. Cause theres alot of tension still between ppl and the drama going, that i dont think yet some ppl can handle sence it will be hard to keep track of those and stuff like that. Basicly i dont think some could be responsible enough.
On the other hand, i say WONDERLAND all the way! lol

i say we all go hiking at night and have fun, or in the morning as long as we go hiking for fun.
yes yes thats good.
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