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Welp, here goes.. I'm bored and need something to do so I'm posting… - Body Recoveries-R-Us [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Northwest Oregon Search & Rescue

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[Feb. 21st, 2004|08:43 pm]
Northwest Oregon Search & Rescue


Welp, here goes.. I'm bored and need something to do so I'm posting in here.

SAR's kinda gone downhill lately, as I'm sure you guys have noticed. I couldn't make it on this outing because of oodles of projects going on, court hurt her back, and noone fun *cough*amy*cough* was going either, so we all kind of said screw it.. Fine by me, but we really gotta start wooping some ass here people. From the stories I've heard people are getting off wayyyyyy to easy, and getting away with way too much BS.

I show up when I can, but you guys gotta keep me in the loop. So heres the deal.. first off, let me know when the survival outing is, thats one I definatly want to be on. and then, we're going to kick some ass on it k? big ass tarp-mahal again, only this time better, and we'll have our kickass little community shelter for the fun people and a massive bonfire/all night party.. while the idiots get to huddle up next to their pathetic little fires.... muhahahahahahahahahahahhhaaaa!

ok... I need to shut up now... I think the crack is getting to me