Lurch (_seker_) wrote in nworsar,

Well well well...

The SAR Nazi's are back at it. Stomping down any efforts to actually *improve* the post..

So just to spread more drama, I shall fill you guys in on the things you aren't supposed to know.. so please don't go spreading things... no doubt they will be spread though.

Apparently the forum is a "Bad" thing, because all it is is "negative." and they only want us talking happy positive talk! yay! everybody dance!.... They see things on the board and get the idea that it's all trashtalk, apparently they haven't figured out that people will not discuss things as openly in person when you have a chubby advisor in your face about your opinions telling you you're wrong. Just wrong, no questions asked, YOU, ARE, WRONG. Huh... that doesn't really inspire confidence in the leadership personally.

So apparently the best way to solve a problem is to not talk about it, and shut anyone up who tries. I understand that courtney's post may have been a little harsh to Joel and Severin, but it brought up a serious saftey issue that is never going to get covered now because they killed the boards. In fact, my little birdie said that it was actually taken into consideration to GIVE THEM FUCKING MEDALS!..... Why oh why would you give someone a medal and pat them on the back for fucking up and almost killing themself? They exhibited no bravery, only stupidity. What they did was not needed and only caused more problems. I would not trust them with a team, I would not trust my life to them, I would rather crawl out of the woods on two bloody stumps than let them carry me out...

Argh! The post has gone insane, we need Vin back so there is at least *some* sort of checks and balance to this clusterfuck.
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